Organizing Services


We start by arranging to meet for a free no-obligation assessment, at a time that works for your schedule. Organizing assessments normally take approx. 30-60 minutes.


The free assessment includes:

  • Identification of your current organizational issues and discussion on how this is affecting your family life or business.
  • Discussion of the success or failure of organizational strategies you may have already tried.
  • Evaluation of your current storage, furniture placement and workflow.
  • Discussion on how you envisage your space functioning for you and your family/employees.
  • Free quotation for organizing services.

Many clients need hands on help with organizing, while others may prefer only customised ideas and information. Some larger organizing projects need new room layouts and furniture purchasing recommendations.  The scope of organizing projects can vary from a single three hour session to several sessions over a longer period of time, depending on the scale of the issue. If you have particular constraints on your time or budget I will tailor your organizing sessions to accommodate and meet the needs of your family or business.

The Organizing Consultant

Spend one-on-one time with your professional organizer receiving expert guidance on customized organizing solutions and strategies to get your family or small business efficiently de-cluttered and reorganized.

Session time : 2-3 hours (2 hour min)


The Organizing Coach

The most popular choice - one-on-one time with your professional organizer receiving customised coaching and support, all while sorting and organizing your possessions together. An extra pair of hands combined with specialist training ensures your efforts produce real and maintainable results in significantly less time.

Session time: 3-5 hours (3 hour min)


The Project Specialist

Live Life Organized can help you to complete your entire organizing project from start to finish.

The Organizing Project includes: creating customised room layouts; recommendations on furniture and storage solutions all tailored to fit your style and budget; expert hands on help with sorting and organizing. The result - an easily maintainable, well organized space that works for your family or small business.

Free project quotes provided.

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