I was nervous asking for help, after all I should be able to do it right? Wrong. I’ve got enough on my plate and was just going round in circles so I decided to delegate. After consults with a few organizers I met Andrea and knew she was ‘the one’. She’s incredibly relatable, intuitive, personable and professional. During our working session she didn’t waste any time before giving me fantastic ideas, plus she was great at keeping me focused and checked-in often to make sure she was on track with what I wanted. I’ve already taken her advice and feel so much better. She’s fantastic and I’d recommend her in a heartbeat!”

                     L, Edmonton

“As president of a company it takes a great deal of organization for things to run smoothly. Working with Andrea of Live Life Organized has made a big difference in my ability to function and operate this business effectively and efficiently. Her professionalism and ability to adapt different styles to different clients makes her one of a kind. I highly recommend Andrea to any company looking to improve their business.”

                    Evan S, President, Bradcan Caulking & Restoration Ltd., Edmonton

“Andrea was amazing!!! Andrea listened well and provided a guiding hand for the vision that I had. She treated my items with respect and respected my decision to keep or throw things out, which made me feel at ease. She was energetic, warm and understanding throughout the process and had awesome ideas how to make my office function how I envisioned. She helped put all the pieces together and the result was extraordinary. I highly recommend her and will use her again! I am beyond happy in the results of working with Andrea and she will be an asset to anyone hiring her.”

                    P, Strathcona County

“Andrea is very professional in her approach. She brings her intuition and logical thinking skills to address the task of re-organizing. We appreciate her time and are very happy with the end result. We definitely recommend Andrea for any organizing project.”

                   Business owner, Edmonton

“I have hired other professional organizers in the past, but never got THIS level of service!  What I really appreciated about Andrea is that she offered more than just hands on help.  She listened to what works for me and doesn’t work and she tailored recommendations that would suit me best and keep me excited about keeping my office space organized. I have such a hard time finding the right things for myself and have also tried getting help with sourcing furniture; by far Andrea listened to me the most and gave me great options to pick from that suited my space and my needs.  I would recommend her before anyone else I have tried to date – I am completely impressed!”

                   R, Beaumont

“Having someone come into my home to organize my living space was essential to me leading a less stressful life. However knowing I needed help didn’t damper the embarrassment I felt in having to have a professional come in! Andrea has made this process so enjoyable for me. She has involved me in the process from start to finish – she listens to what I have to say and has never made me feel anything but in control of my own decisions of what stays and what goes. You should see how beautiful my home is and has stayed. It is easy to stay organized and clean once you have the ground work done! Thank you Andrea!!!”

                   R, Sherwood Park

“There are times when one thinks that life would be a little easier if you can get this or that area in your life cleared up. I wanted help without feeling judged, nor forced to throw out things because you have “not used it in the last 2 years”. After meeting Andrea, I felt instantly at ease and comfortable. I felt she understood my frustration and was confident she could assist me to move forward. We tackled my office and it was not a small task, she rearranged a few things around, found storage, gave me suggestions and projects to help me. I ended up with a place I could work in and was easier to keep clean and organized. Things that I could not throw away were archived. Now papers are easier to file and find and things are now in my capability as opposed to before where I would be paralyzed. I would highly recommend Andrea she is very knowledgeable in her field, a very compassionate and caring person that genuinely wants to help and is very easy to work with.”

                    L, Sherwood Park

“Andrea was on-hand as we were moving into our new house and she took charge of unpacking things and putting them where they needed to be. Even weeks later, when we were looking for ‘that thing’ we needed, it was exactly where we thought it should be. Thanks Andrea, you are a miracle worker!”

                   R, Edmonton

“It really feels great to tackle some of those problems areas in the house that just never stay tidy/organized. I was a little overwhelmed at first, but I described our most recent session to a friend as “fun”! It was a real team effort as Andrea and I brainstormed while clearing out clutter and rearranging furniture and plants to make our main living space more workable (and tidy!). I’ve also been inspired to tackle some projects on my own for the first time in a long time.

                   N, Edmonton

“Thank you so much for helping me with my workspace. I love it and actually feel like a professional now!” 

                   B, Sherwood Park

“Andrea’s plan for our spaces kept us motivated and focused. Her vision was well communicated and offered us the opportunity to actually enjoy these areas of our home. Thanks so much Andrea!”

                  T, Sherwood Park

If you would like to create your own positive organizing experience then look no further, contact Live Life Organized and let’s get started!