Andrea Headshot 2015

Andrea Marson

 Professional Organizer,

Chronic Disorganization Specialist


Born and raised in the hustle and bustle of South-East England, I have always had a passion for organizing; it just took me a little while to realize it.

After a career as a science teacher, becoming an oil & gas wife and a parent to two busy kids, then moving three times internationally between the UK, Canada and the US, I have definitely experienced my fair share of turmoil. Being organized is the skill that has got me through in one piece, with my sanity intact and everyone's socks in the right drawers.

I am a...

  • open-minded and non-judgmental professional organizer, who loves getting to know what makes you tick, so I can serve you better;
  • Specialist in Chronic Disorganization having earned my ICD Level II CD Specialist Certificate and ICD Level I Certificates of Study in Chronic Disorganization, Basic ADD and Time Management & Productivity;
  • member of the Edmonton Chapter of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC);
  • member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD);
  • Experienced teacher.

In order to help raise local awareness of the everyday organizational challenges people face and how professional organizers can assist their clients, I regularly write a column on organizing for the Sherwood Park News Homes Section.

Some organizers like to take pictures to showcase their work; but many of my clients prefer not to have their homes or offices shown online. Personally I care most how my clients feel about my services, so please take a minute to read what my clients have to say and judge for yourself whether it is worth giving me a call.

So let's take some time to get organized, and then you can enjoy the people and activities in your life that are really important to you.

It is time to live YOUR life organized!

Ready to live life organized...?

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