It is a feeling like no other – moving into a new home with the excitement and potential of a new life and routine, planning where furniture is going to fit, what colour you are going to decorate the rooms, and what fun get-togethers you could have. But fast forward a few years and for many that “new home feeling”, just like the distinctive “new carpet smell” has been replaced with familiarity and frustration.

But what if you could fall in love with your home again?

Try to view your home as a potential buyer might. What things do you notice as you walk up to your home? How about as you walk around inside? If you are feeling really brave you could ask a brutally honest friend or family member to identify the not-so-positives of your home that you may be accustomed to.

Paint or renovate your front door and add some curb appeal with a bistro set or some pretty planters.

Spruce up your entryway. Remove the clutter and put away anything that does not belong. Add hooks for keys, fun totes for hats, mitts etc., find a space to hang this years’ calendar and consider updating your shoe storage options for the number of shoes you actually have.

Get your carpets cleaned or if you have the budget (and your children are older) replaced.

Revaluating your closet layout, and the items your closet is storing, can free up a lot of inefficiently used space. Try adding a second rail or hanging storage unit, with labels for each family member, to increase your closet’s storage volume.

We are generally all guilty of living in a bit of a time warp, especially if we are busy parents with kids. Look again at how you are using your rooms and think about your families’ needs now and in the future. Remove items that are in the wrong place or are never used (and have no sentimental value) and find them new homes, either in another room or at a donation centre. Look at the size of kids’ beds, desks, chairs and storage units and replace if they have outgrown them. Curb the toy clutter by trying the “one toy in, one toy out” rule.

Planning a mixture of practical (or necessary) home improvements with some that have more aesthetic appeal can help to keep you motivated. Putting an extra shelf in a closet or getting around to replacing an old water heater is great, but warm your soul by completing some personal projects as well such as updating a wall with a gallery of recent family pictures.

If you still have unpacked boxes in your basement or garage, which is much more common than most people want to admit, then make an appointment with yourself to go through them. Some people find the one box a day method works for them, others may prefer a few larger sessions, perhaps even with some help from family and friends.

Whichever methods you choose, take back control of your space and make intentional choices so you can love your home, again.

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