How can a professional organizer help you?

We all get disorganized at times. Life transitions such as moving house, having a baby, getting divorced, coping with health problems or bereavement, starting a new job, even just going on vacation can all cause clutter and chaos in our homes. This is a completely normal and temporary reaction to events in our lives; which are overcome and sorted out once we adjust back to our normal routine. However, sometimes we are not able to bounce back to our normal state of organization after a significant life event and our disorganized state becomes the “new normal”.

A high level of disorganization can make you feel overwhelmed, stressed out and often completely paralysed from dealing with your clutter effectively.

Professional organisers can help by:

  • giving you extra motivation and professional guidance, to help you sort through and then re-organize your possessions in a way that works for your family's lifestyle and habits;
  • providing empathy and non-judgemental support to reduce stress at a time when it can be difficult to even admit to yourself how far-reaching the mess is;
  • designing customized organizing systems for your home, so everyone in your family can always find what they need when need when they need it;
  • creating efficient room layouts that enable to you to make the best use of the space in your home for your family.

There are lots of people offering organizing services, but only a few are trained to offer expert guidance for clients struggling with chronic disorganization. Read for yourself how real people in Sherwood Park, Edmonton and area feel about getting organized.

Check out the qualifications of your professional organizer - you can expect them to be a member of at least one for the following organizations: Professional Organizers in Canada (POC), Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD), or the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), all of which provide networking and professional development training for their members.

POC trained professional organizers follow a specific Code of Ethics, which ensures that their clients receive honest, confidential and professional services from their members.

Real professional organizers will be happy to explain what training they have taken and whether they are qualified to assist you to reach your organizing goals. As a member of the POC and ICD I can confidently recommend other POC and ICD trained professional organizers to you if I am unable to help with your organizing project.

If the current state of your home is making you stressed, overwhelmed or embarrassed give Live Life Organized a call at 780-267-2969 to arrange a free no-obligation assessment, at a time convenient to you. Check out the Services page for more information.