get organized

Are you ...

  • struggling to see your furniture under the piles of stuff?

  • buying things you know you already have but can't find?

  • liable to break out into a cold sweat when someone mentions filing?

  • missing appointments and always in a rush?

It's time to Live Life Organized.

We specialise in:

● whole home de-cluttering and re-organizing

● office organizing and time management strategies


Hiring a professional organizer is completely different from having a friend or family member help you. Professional organizers provide expert help tailored to your needs, in a non-judgemental, honest and confidential manner which allows you to get yourself more organized in a way that is maintainable in the long-term. Read for yourself what clients have to say.

Asking for professional help with a problem can be intimidating, so it is understandable to have questions before trying something new like hiring a professional organizer. Hopefully our FAQs page will answer a lot for you. If you can't find the answer to your question, please feel free to call Andrea.

If the current state of your home or office is making you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or embarrassed give Live Life Organized a call at 780-267-2969 to arrange a free no-obligation assessment, at a time convenient to you. Check out the Services page for more information.

Ready to live life organized...?

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